Louis Asanaka

CS @ University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Hi, I'm Louis 👋! I'm a combined B.S.-M.C.S. student majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I'm interested in developing software that synergizes with hardware, whether it's through writing high-performance code or through embedded systems. I have experience in systems programming, cybersecurity, robotics, and full-stack development through my extracurriculars and coursework.

Currently interning at Jump Trading as a Software Engineer Intern.


  1. June – Aug 2024

    Software Engineer Intern · Jump Trading

    Building, profiling, and optimizing research-crucial data pipelines for financial securities.
    1. Python
    2. C++
    3. Polars
  2. May – Aug 2023

    Data Engineer Intern · Fetch

    Built and migrated a Go data pipeline ingesting data from Amazon Neptune to Apache Kafka.
    1. Go
    2. SQL
    3. Apache Kafka
    4. Kubernetes
  3. Aug 2022 – May 2023

    Software Engineer Intern · Kocree

    Implemented an algorithm-powered MIDI editor UI used in pilot studies with 50+ students. Architected a full-stack visualization for MIDI/wave audio with checkpoint synchronization.
    1. Svelte
    2. JavaScript
    3. TypeScript
    4. HTML
    5. CSS
    6. Python
    7. Kubernetes
  4. Aug 2021 – Dec 2022

    CTF Competitor

    Competing in CTF cybersecurity competitions, specializing in web exploitation and miscellaneous challenges. Competed in finals at CSAW 2021, and won as undergrads at CSAW 2022.
    1. Python
    2. Assembly
    3. JavaScript
    4. PHP
    5. Ghidra
    6. AWS
  5. Mar – Sep 2022

    Undergraduate Researcher · UIUC Intelligent Motion Laboratory

    Explored grasp pose generation methods while ranking and visualizing the grasps in a Python simulation.
    1. Python
    2. Simulation
  6. May – Aug 2022

    Software Engineer Intern · Appier

    Built a unifying logging service with a Kafka event queue and an event filtering RESTful API in Python. Service sped up advertising campaign analytics and problem resolution within the product organization.
    1. Python
    2. JavaScript
    3. React
    4. HTML
    5. CSS
    6. PostgreSQL
    7. Apache Kafka
    8. Redis
    9. Docker
    10. Kubernetes
  7. Aug 2019 – Apr 2021

    Programming Lead / Programmer · First Robotics Competition Team 4253

    Co-led the programming subteam and modularized codebase. Developed holonomic pathing algorithms in Java for 5 autonomous routines.
    1. Java
    2. Python
    3. C++
  8. May – July 2020

    Software Engineer Intern · WeMo Scooter

    Revamped a battery management system for 7,000 rental electric scooters with a team of 4. Built a microservice backend to display 8,000+ battery statuses and changes to charger configurations.
    1. JavaScript
    2. TypeScript
    3. Node.js
    4. NestJS
    5. PostgreSQL
    6. Google Pub/Sub


  1. Event-Driven Multithreaded HTTP Server

    Event-driven HTTP/1.1 server using epoll/kqueue and multiple worker threads for high throughput. Support for Linux and BSD-based operating systems.

    1. C++
    2. Networking
    3. Sockets
  2. Small x86 Operating System

    x86 operating system with preemptive scheduling, rudimentary filesystem, and basic input devices. Final project for ECE 391 Computer Systems Engineering.

    1. C
    2. Assembly
    3. QEMU
    4. Linux
  3. Netflix Wrapped

    Website aggregating 20 insightful statistics about Netflix users' viewing habits.

    1. React
    2. JavaScript
    3. Node.js
    4. Python
    5. HTML
    6. CSS
    7. Bootstrap
    8. MongoDB
    9. AWS
  4. Food Security Visualization

    Interactive React website displaying a heatmap of food security across the US. Performed data analysis on food supply density and routing using Python and pandas.

    1. React
    2. JavaScript
    3. d3.js
    4. Python
    5. Pandas
    6. HTML
    7. CSS
    8. Bootstrap
  5. Game Hacking Research

    Semester-long project surveying game hacking techniques on Windows. Includes 2 x86 DLL injectors and 2 executables in C++ showing their effectiveness and potential prevention methods.

    1. C++
    2. Assembly
    3. Windows
    4. Game Hacking
    5. Reverse Engineering
  6. Valorant Map Stats

    Python-based Qt program helping VALORANT players improve through visualizations of their in-game positioning, using aggregated statistics from game APIs.

    1. Python
    2. Qt
    3. SQLite
    4. Reverse Engineering
  7. Dinosaur Game Reinforcement Learning Agent

    Reinforcement learning agent for the Chrome dinosaur game in Python that achieved a score equivalent to 2 human game hours.

    1. Python
    2. PyTorch
    3. Stable Baselines
    4. Reinforcement Learning
  8. FRC Codebase

    Java code for a First Robotics Competition robot, including visual spline path planning/following and modularized autotonomous routines. 2021 FRC season group skills finalists.

    1. Java
    2. Python
    3. Robotics
    4. Motion Planning
  9. VEX Robotics Codebase

    C++ autonomous code for a VEX Robotics Competition robot, including odometry, motion profiling, and pure pursuit path following algorithms for a holonomic drivetrain.

    1. C++
    2. Python
    3. Robotics
    4. Motion Planning
  10. Robot Chassis Pathing Simulator

    Physically accurate simulation robot chassis following interactive spline paths.

    1. C++
    2. SFML
    3. Box2D
    4. Robotics
    5. Simulation
  11. Book Price Comparison App

    iOS application that compares book prices by scanning barcodes and scraping online bookstore listings.

    1. Swift
    2. XCode

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